Making a Difference 

My biggest goal in my career is to reach and help as many people as I can.  This will not make make losing Dad any easier, but it might help others live a longer quality life. 

Over the past month I have talked to so many people that are looking to make some changes.  The part that is so frustrating to me is all the excuses they come up with.  The only thing that is standing in the way is themselves. 

Yes!! I have totally been there. My biggest excuse was not being able to pay for it.  It took me 3 MONTHS to pay the $160 for the challenge pack.  But it was a total excuse because if you want something, if you need something, you will find a way.  I was at the point where I had to do it! 

If you think about the cost of  a gym membership, having a personal trainer daily, dietitian, and support group…the cost of the challenge pack is nothing! 

But what about the priceless value?? Fitting into your summer clothes, looking toned, not having depression, being able to combat anxiety, ok with being in pictures, having more confidence….

Stop making excuses and start making changes!

This weekend was the end of my 21 day challenge.  I asked my challengers what their take away was in this round. I was so blown away and moved by their responses.  Here are some:

I have yet to have a customer do the workouts, meal plan, drink Shakeology, and being in my challenge group that had regrets on spending the $160.  

There is still time to join! Stop making excuses and make those changes you have always wanted.  I get really excited seeing others hit their goals! 

Healthy Mom, Happy Kids

Yesterday was a total Monday. We were all super tired and didn’t leave the house.  We didn’t get home until 3 a.m. Monday morning from watching a double feature at the drive-in Sunday night. All I wanted to do was lay in bed all day and sleep!

Today felt like I needed to do some redeeming.  The kids and I go to MOPS twice a month.  Today, we went and I listened to the amazing Kelsie Crozier talk about kids and food. She has really insightful philosophies on feeding kids.  My take away from today:

—>The parent is responsible around food is WHAT, WHEN, WHERE.

—>The child is responsible around food is HOW MUCH and WHETHER.

Then the kids had a dentist appointment, 🎉 hooray no cavities.

Pacific Pediatric Dentistry

Pacific Pediatric Dentistry

This is when old me would call it a day and head home, vegg on the couch and let my kids watch Netflix for the rest of the day….no exaggeration there.

I have ENERGY again and a way to battle my anxiety…I can finally be the mom I always thought I was going to be.  There were so many nights after the kids were in bed when I would think, “today I was a bad mom.” What I was really saying was, “I CAN’T be the mom I know I can be.”  How could I possibly be ‘The Mom’ when I wasn’t taking care of myself?  New me?! I’m finding the time to take care of myself! I see now how everything falls into place once I am taken care of.  It is the classic oxygen mask on a plane scenario.  Anyone who rides on a plane gets the safety speech about what to do when the oxygen masks come down: first place the mask on yourself and then help those around you.  Motherhood to me, is the same.

Finnian wasn't sure about walking bare feet in the water.

Finnian wasn’t sure about walking with bare feet in the water.

Because I am exercising, eating well, and have amazing support challengers I am a healthy me.  Instead of driving home and laying around until Tim gets home, we had an adventure. We went down to Edmonds waterfront at noon after the dentist appointment. We didn’t get home until 6pm.

6 hours! in the sun, playing in the dog park, walking around the path, looking at the boats, watching a boat be pulled out of the water onto a trailer, and playing in the sand box after we had linner at Anthony’s Beach Cafe. Today was all about being the mom I know I am.

Anthony's Beach Cafe

Snap chat from Anthony’s Beach Cafe.

If you aren’t the person that you know you can be, reach out! I can help you get that oxygen mask on! Your health and fitness are vital to the holistic you.  Take the first step, message me!

How I’m Turing Grief Into Motivation

I couldn’t tell you exactly where I am on the stages of grief or even how I am doing…This question, “how are you?” leaves me confused and unsure how to answer.  I just don’t really know how I am.

I know that I want to live a full healthy life.  I know I want the same for my spouse and my kids.  It is a goal of mine to see our kids hit all their mile stones, to grow old and arthritic with Tim, to fully live out my potential in this one life…

True, there are many factors that I can not control when it comes to being healthy…But there are two huge ones I can control–what goes into my body and how I exercise my body.  I am making a stand to control these two thing to the best of my ability.

A couple of weeks ago, Tim took his blood pressure and it was high…as in hypertension.  This was after my 49 year old dad had past from complications to a heart attack.  I looked at him and told him I didn’t want to be a widow anytime soon and he agreed to start the 21 Day Fix program with me.

I pray that this will be a wakeup call for everyone.  Take responsibility for your health and make changes away from those bad habits. I have been doing a lot of research on Shakeology from the 21 Day Fix program.  I am a believer that everyone needs to be drinking it to be a healthier person. It is loaded with life saving ingredients that make your body run better and fight diseases.

Here is a video about how amazing the ingredients are!

Let go of all the guilt you may have for where you are today and make changes.  It just takes one little change to make big impact. Adding just 30 minute exercises to your 14 hour day is only 3.5% of your day.  Instead of watching a T.V. show on the couch, do the 30 minute workout on the lap top while watching the show. And even easier? Supplement one meal day with Shakeolgy for about $4 a day.

If you would like to join my 21 Day Fix challenger group, the next one starts February 1st and this is the last week to order to get the program in time. If you have questions, I would love to answer them.

I’m using this grieving time to change my life style and to get everyone I love to do the same. I want to influence others so that they can prevent their children, spouse, friends, and parents from going through the grief of death from unnecessary health problems.   Expecially if the death could be avoided by changing what they put in their body and how much they exercise.  Once we treat our bodies with love, it will be an example to the next generation to also take care and love theirs.


Talking with Dad after he ran his first Marathon.  He isn’t much older than I am now in this picture.

Your Goal Can Help My Goal

Because I think it is important to share your goals with others, it helps motivate and holds me accountable, I’m going to share my goals with you.

Huge breath…

This is the biggest goal I have ever had in my life so just give me a minute to hash out what it is…

I’m 29 and only have 335 days left in my 20’s.  I want to make the next 335 days amazing and full of accomplishment.  So what better way to end my 20’s than running a marathon?  A marathon in Hawaii?! As in on December 11, I wake up at 4am and run 26.2 miles for the next 5+ hours in Honolulu.

There are two very big obstacles in my way:

1.)Staying motivated and training so I am ready to do the race.

2.) The cost of a big trip like that…5 plane tickets + hotel + race fee + food + any extra = more then we can afford.

I have started to run again and have been so happy with how it is going.  After 3 rounds of 21 Day Fix I went from 12-13 minute miles to 9-10 minute miles. 3 minutes is a big deal! I always knew cross training was important but now I understand how much a difference it will make.  I think with all that is going on in my personal life, #1 will not be too much of a struggle.  I had the most emotionally amazing text thread with Tim and know with his help #1 will happen.


Lets just be clear, “Sweet Cheeks” is a nick name Tim told Siri to use for his info.

EEEK! My husband, who I have only got to go on two runs with me, is now signing himself up for a marathon!

Now the biggest obstacle in our way is…money.  I have a plan for that too.  I signed up to become a Beachbody coach on December 9th. Why? Because I want to be healthy and motivated and being apart of a group helps me stay on track. I want to be around for my kids to hit all their mile stones.  I want good habits started now so that as my kids grow they will have a good foundation on what makes a person holistically healthy.  I love helping others reach their goals.  Growing-up in my family, physical activity was so important and I want to pass on this legacy to the world and all who are close to me.  I am in my first challenge group as a coach and it has been so rewarding helping people set goals and pushing them towards what they want to accomplish.   The last reason I signed up in December was we simply do not have a lot of extra money.  The products are expensive but incredibly helpful and make a difference in the workouts.  As a coach, I get a nice discount.  I also can earn money on others who sign up with me.

So…If you want to make changes and set goals in your life, don’t wait until tomorrow.  They can happen today and I would be so honored to help you down that road.  The side effect to my help is…I get to fund our trip in December!

Join my 21 day Fix Challenge (next group is February 1st) click here

Start P90x click here

Start Insanity click here

Need an order of Shakeology click here

There is a workout for everyone! Message me if you want to know more about the different programs.

Ron Johnshoy: Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Papa, Coach, and Friend

  Yesterday, we said goodbye to a great man that held many titles.  His short 49 years of life were fully lived.  The impact he had on so many will never be know. As we cried together, we could feel that impact he had being poured on all of us as those he made a difference in reached out to us.  

I’m only feeling numb shock.  I’m just so confused how he could be gone. It was just last year we made the drive down to Melba for Christmas.  He was in great shape, healthy, and young. Now, on this Christmas Eve we all grieve for him. 

On Tueday, I called my mom earlier in the day to check in.  He had taken a turn and was having a harder time.  She was alone and I needed to be with them.  At first, I was just going to fly over but I called a hour later things had turned to comfort care and we all needed to go.  I had been telling my kids what was going on.  They wanted to say goodbye too. They gave me lots of hugs and helped me pack.  Tim came home early from work.  There was no flights out of Seattle so we drove through traffic to Portland and flew to Denver.  It wasn’t until 1 am yesterday that we got to the hospital.  

He just looked like he was sleeping. Very calm and peaceful. I was going to stay the night while my mom got some sleep at her place. Only 10 minutes after she left at about 3 am his breathing got dramatically slower.  She drove back and we both stayed with him.  

I just kept thinking of my life and who I am because of his involvement and how he raised me.  I talked to him about the hard years of my up bringing.  I told him I know it is so hard to be a parent and you just want to do the right thing. I wanted him to know that the mistakes that were made don’t matter.  I loved him and I knew he loved me. 

I rested my head on his bed and went in and out of sleep for about an hour.  But mostly, I just watched him take those shallow breaths. 

His breathing started to change. I could feel the change and knew he was going to leave us soon.  Mom and I were holding his hands.  He opened his eyes and looked at mom and took his last breath. December 23 at 10:25am, Ron Johnshoy went home.  He is now whole both body and mind. 

The pain at losing him is so heavy that I’m unable to focus.  Gravity seems to be gone as I feel my body floating through the motions of life. He is gone.  He is gone? He is gone. 

Thank you everyone for reaching out to us and praying for our family.  He gave us quite a legacy and he will continue to live on with us.  As you all go about the rest of the holidays, give those you love big hugs and make sure they know how much you love them.  Life is short and we need to live it to the fullest. 


There have been two things that have helped me during this dark time as we wait.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up- Marie Kondo


Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix

Marie Kondo showed me how to only surround myself with things that spark joy.  I have been letting go of all things that do not spark joy in my life so I can focus on my mental health.  This is a book that I think everyone needs to read regardless of what your house looks like.  It really helped ease some of my anxiety.

I gained normal weight when I was pregnant with Finnian.  After he was one, I started to train for a marathon.   When my dad had his heart attack in April, the training stopped and I started to gain weight. During a race in May, I ended up with stress fractures from the added weight.  I could barely walk it was so painful.  I downgraded my marathon to a half and limped through it in July.  Weight just kept climbing.  Before I knew it, I was the heaviest I have been.  A friend who had been doing 21 Day Fix posted her before and after pictures.  I needed to do something, so I signed up in October.  I’m now in my pre-Finnian pants and a coach for 21 Day Fix.

Since October, my dad has been in the ER 3 times.  He has been so sick with a virus.  I am over 1300 helpless miles away.  I can hear the stress in my mom’s voice as she gracefully goes through this alone most of the time.  During the weekend of my birthday, I thought he wasn’t going to make it.  I had a conversation with my aunt to see if she thought he was going to die on my birthday.  He has pulled through and is doing better.  He’s not great, but I’m not sitting by my phone waiting for the call.

September 4th 2015 Craig Hospital before he got the virus that made me so sick.

September 4th 2015 Craig Hospital before he got the virus that made him so sick.

This is the darkest time of the year.  This is the time we wait for the light.

I have no control on the outcome of what will happen to my dad, I just have my faith.  However, I can control the strengthening of my physical and mental health.  If you are finding yourself with a lack of control, I highly recommend checking out the two things that have helped me. Reach out for help and know you are not alone.

I made a funny video of myself doing one of the 30 minute work outs from 21 Day Fix.  I hope it gives you a good laugh! If you really want something, you figure out how to make it work.

5 Truths About Having Kids Too Early

The other day I was at the beach with some fellow twin moms.  It was the first time I met one of the moms.  When we parents of multiples get together for the first time, topic of conversation usually centers around the pregnancy, birth, and the early days being exhausting.  While talking about my pregnancy and getting pregnant on birth control (IUD), one of the moms who used fertility treatments looked at me and said, “I’ll try not to hate you for that.”

#1: Guilt in having them.

I am very sensitive around this. I’m so sorry we are fertile and had three kids with unplanned pregnancies. It hurts me so much thinking about others who try and try and try to have kids…who want it so bad.  Both pregnancies I was upset about becoming pregnant. The hardest part about Finnian’s pregnancy was a friend who was pregnant the same time had a miscarriage pretty far into the pregnancy.  I still cry thinking about it and am overwhelmed by hurt at the unfairness of it all.  There are a lot of people out there that would rejoice in the new life growing inside of them.  I felt that the life that was growing inside of me was feeding on mine.

#2: Not Ready for them.

Yes I wanted kids.  When I was younger I wasn’t sure I wanted to get married but I knew I wanted kids.  But I didn’t want kids until later in life…as in, we still wouldn’t have kids now.  If I could have planned it we would have been older, had jobs, some form of stability, and just some free time to enjoy life as two adults in our twenties. I feel completely robbed of my twenties.

#3: Finances, haha, I mean lack of them.

We don’t have money and have a lot of help from the government.  I don’t know if you all know how hard it is or how many obstacles you have to go through to get assistance.  They use every chance to make it challenging to receive aid.  I believe if we didn’t have the resources and education we wouldn’t be able to fill all the forms, do the interviews, and send in verification information to get the help.

#4: Career dreams are on hold.

To top it off we got our undergraduate degrees in 2009 during the Great Recession. There wasn’t a whole lot to do in the form of careers for someone with a BA in Sociology.  I thought about getting a masters when I couldn’t find work but then I got pregnant. Economically the country is doing better but I can’t get a job that would pay enough to cover the cost of three kids in childcare.  I have to wait until the kids get to a point I can work.  I will also need to figure out what I want to do now that my world view is different then my early twenties.

#5: Different season than our peers.

Our kids are also apart of me.  I feel hurt when others don’t want them around and take it very personal. It is an isolating feeling to not have our whole family excepted.  I think our kids are amazing and I love them.  I don’t want to take them everywhere and prefer to find childcare for weddings, friends parties, and other events that other kids will not be at. Pretty much all of our friends that are close to our age do not have kids.  They just don’t understand. Nor do they understand what it is like to even get out of the door with three kids. We don’t get invited to things because people think we are too busy with kids or they don’t want our kids to come along. Small groups we were apart of ‘kicked’ us out because our kids were unwelcome but we still felt like ‘Young Adults.’ Sure in like 10 years most of them will have kids and I will just be laughing inside as they ask how to handle tantrum about shoes when you were suppose to leave 5 minutes ago

So, before you hate me for my fertility, know that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

Camping August 2015

Camping August 2015